Solution for the triming problems of the SLE 3.0 bar

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I was fed up with the trim on my 15m LW. I ride it up to 15-20 knts ( BBBIG air ). It becomes next to impossible to trim when I most need to. So i retrofitted my old 2009 Rise CL assembly to the 2011 bar.  AHHHHH smooth and easy trimming, just like in the good old days. Mini 5th line trough the ring as specified in the modification published by OR,...... that was supposed to reduce friction…...not working.  The problem with the new bar lies with the cleat, I would say. It is housed within the CL body in a bad angle…plus it is held in place with a screw and may come out…that happened to me….the cleat used with 2008 and 2009 models has a long housing that guides the trim line in the correct angle…..otherwise the new bar is great. Security is perfect. Kite makes a smiley, 100% depower.

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I have 2009 bars, 2010 bars and now the 2013 freestyle no depower strap.
The 2013 is so much easier to depower and i think its because the line is smaller in diameter. can i replace all of my trim lines with this size? What is the size? i use ocean rodeo bars on my ozone edges, way more depower and range.

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