? about OR Pyro Drysuit leg length

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Hi folks,
  Bought my first drysuit last fall—went with the Pryo + i love it !! ( only regret is i waited so long to get it)...anyway~~  it fits great except the length of the legs is about 2 ” too long…..the hem drags on the ground~~ my local shop says i can take it to a tailor @ a dry-cleaners + they can take it up for me… True ??

  I’m worried about them puncturing the latex seals—( not to mention if they’ll have the right needles + thread to do the job)..

What’s your recommendation?




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Re: ? about OR Pyro Drysuit leg length

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What’s your recommendation?


Both the Pyro and Pyro Pro feature leg over cuffs that are designed to slide over the outside of your neoprene boots and to help protect the boot from being filled with junk flaoting in the shore break as you enter and exit the water. This cuff is thin and easily sewn if you wish to either tailor it yourself or have it sewn for you. It is not part of the water proof aspect of the suit and, in fact, could be shortened quite easily.

Be sure not to cut or sew the actual legs on the suit though as this will damage the suit. If you need us to adjust the leg or arm’s lengths on the suit please contact your local retailer.

John Z