SLE bar 3.0 The most dangerous product for kiteboarding

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i have had some 6 sessions now with the new bar , quite satisfied i must say . The biggest problem for me is when you have the kite fully powered with the bal obove the clamcleat it is very problematic to pull in some trim . When you have some rope in the clamcleat it goes very well.

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Sheeting out whenever I need to adjust the power has always worked well for me. I am still a fan of the older 08 bar. It seem to work great for me and sometimes I thank that stuff gets over engineered.
However I would love to see an above the bar retro fit available. Or perhaps a combo setup.  I had posted a suggestion before and it was immediately deleted . I am still not sure why. “waxing the depower line will reduce friction and increase the life of the line”


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hey williwisk, maybe your previous post somehow never made it to the forum, since your post count is 1. Anyway the suggestions you make are seriously being looked at, more news to follow!

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Out of interest have there been any developments on this?


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I use the 2009 bar with the rise i just dont like the depower with the clamcleat below the bar. Like a depowerstrap more.

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I have rode the new bar on the 2010 7m and 10m, works perfect..leave it alone.