All I want for Xmas is a Predator

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I had a chance to demo out the Predator Drysuit, and shot a little bit of video off a board mount cam. Yes I am a bit of a kook on a surfboard, the waves wernt that great either.. but..

It was a bloody Cold day -3 C and the cold river water nearby brought the water temp to around6-7 C (Nearby Buoys read 7-8 on the Northwest Coast)

Very impressive suit- the warmest I have ever been surfing. Being ‘DRY’ makes all the difference to retain body heat.
Flexible Flexible flexible. Closest thing to the trunking feeling you can get in the winter time here.

I got tossed about a bit as the video shows, and got nailed by a few overhead++ sets ( not on film of course) and the suit was totally dry. Bomber. What I love about this suit is that after 4hours of surfing I was still warm. The suit breathes really well, so the moisture from sweating wicks out the suit- I was literally bone dry underneath the PJ and Fleece farmer John. Whats really cool about this thing is the outer later neoprene cover- it slides on easily over the suit and is very stretchy. There is very little suit resistence while padlling and popping up- unlike my tight 6-5-4 mm I use.

What OR has figured out is the perfect zipper length and placement for easy entry, zipping, and uninhibited mobility, and a super simple suspension system to keep the suit where it should be. THis coupled with very warm fleece PJ’s and your set for actually enjoying the cold days. Yes I stay warm ‘enough’ in my 6-5-4mm.. but this amigos.. this is luxuriously warm. I back didnt ssize up from teh cold either!

Big improvements over last years suits. Once you have surfed in a breathable dry suit, you will never want to go back.
I am stoked to get one especially for those cold setty days which happens alot around here, and for multiple sessions in a day- no more freezing wetsuits! If you are condsidering buying one, I ‘d be stoked to answer any questions that I can for you. I certainly had alot before I tried the suit! OR mentioned the suits should be coming in pretty soon here.
Now if only I could score one for Xmas…

Nice work OR, thanks!


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Excellent bit of video!....Looked a bit like GI Joe grin



Dorset UK


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I love that last wave…nice speed!
Wish I could just peel off this lycra cover on my surf dry and put on a neoprene one.
Suit looks awesome cool smile


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nice vid, the sun through the wave looks very nice!

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Any updates on when OR plans to get these suits to it’s dealers?