Ocean Rodeo demos at La Ventana Classic


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Please join John Z and myself in Baja to try out our killer new 2010 Rise Venturi XPD, which features an all new 6 strut design and exponential panel layout. For those familiar with the 2009 Rise, in comparison the 2010 model offers greater depower/bigger top end, enhanced canopy rigidity and stability, and superior unhooked performance for both wakestyle and unhooked wave riding. Paired with the redesigned 2010 SLE bar 3.0 we firmly believe that we offer the best freeride kite on the market - performance, value, initial quality, long term durabilty all backed by our excellent customer service and our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

We’ll also have the full line of Mako Twin Tips, including the all new 2010 Mini, and of course the all new Mako King.

Assuming there’s wind at the demo site you’ll find us there…....but if not we plan to go rogue and take the demos and the riders to the wind - possibly in the campground (you can’t miss us there), and if it’s only blowing to the North we’ll be doing demo downwinders from the hot springs, so please don’t hesitate to find us at Palapas Ventana restaurant in the mornings to get in on the game!

And OR’s Linn Svendsen in her Blue Glue Swimwear promo video…... just because…..


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