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    Kiteboarding is a new sport and there are so many new tricks to try ... If you fancy some Freestyle tricks , so why don’t you try that new “jesus style” ! Kite is not only about handle passes or kiteloops, think about new things to do ... it’s the meaning of the “FREE"style .

      The “Jesus Style” is a mix of Barefoot and running race .
      To realize that trick you need to do a board off during a transition: let your legs running on the water to give the illusion you are walking on it.
      You don’t need to ride very quickly to do that trick , it’s not like the barefoot with a motor boat. You just need to use your kite to plane up to the water and let your legs touching it.The difficulty is to negotiate the height of your jump, if you are too high you will not touch the water, if your jump is too low, you’ll dive!

      What do you need to realize that trick? :

      To land a “jesus style”, you ‘ll firstly need to know how to do a board off trick or (and) a board off transition . For the board off transition it’s not a problem if you are not able to perform it because the advice we ‘ll give you to land the “jesus style” are the same .

      Technical advice :
      To plane up to the water and move your legs to give the impression you run, you need to make a small transition jump .

      First you need to the wind power, the kite power and the height you ‘ll need to go to be not to hight (you ‘ll run in the air), or to close to the water( you ‘ll run under it).
      You ‘ll start to up your kite at 1pm or 11am (depends the way you ‘ll do the trick, for that sequence we ‘ll use 1pm) and release your right hand and put your left hand on the middle of your bar .

      2_ The jump
      Start to pull your left hand to SLOWLY move your kite on the opposite of the wind window to make a small transition jump . Don’t move your kite too fast otherwise you would not have enough time to run. Take your time to move it slowly, bringing it at 12 o’ clock to fly longer.
      Just before the kite lift you up, you will need to start the jump using the pop of your board. You will then have more time to run and it will be easier to negotiate the height of the jump where your legs touch the water surface .

      3_ The trick:
      Just when you leave the water, take off your board with your right hand (the one which is not on the bar before to start the jump) and turn your body , your shoulders towards where you go .
      Rectify your body position and move your legs like if you were fast walking. Your foot just touches the water, which gives the illusion that you walk on It !! Miracle you walk on the Water !!!!!
      During the trick your kite moves slowly on the opposite of the wind window that is why you need to move it slowly .

      Now you will land ...
      It is very important you think to stop running at the right time.. don’t run the “100m race”! The kite will be in the opposite of the wind window and it will stop holding you in the air. So when you feel that your kite is in the opposite position, start to put your foot back in the strap.
      Place them very fast in the footstrap, and the 2 at the same time which is faster!
      You land the tricks in the opposite way (remember it is a transition) and pull strong on your bar to put your kite on the middle of the wind window to have enough power to restart .
      You can finish the trick with a kiteloop…(as you see on the picture) you will then really faster and stronger .

      Usual mistakes :
      -The first mistake is to put your kite in the opposite of the wind window to fast .. you will jump too hight and you will not be able to touch the water with your foot .
      -if you jump too early, you will fall down on the water because your kite is not up you hight enough .
      -If you run to long, and you forget to put your board on at the right time, you will not land the tricks because the kite will lose all his power.

      -Before jumping, put your back hand (the left one on the pictures) on the middle of your bar, it will help you move the kite very slowly and give you enough time to do the jump.
      - Use a pop jump just before you feel your kite up you. You will have one more second to take off your board and more time to run on the water .
      - Do that trick on a flat spot because when it’s choppy, it’s harder to evaluate the hight of the jump because of the waves variations.

      Key points :
      -Analyze the wind power the water and the height you ‘ll need to go (it depends on your legs size ...wink )
      -put your back hand on the middle of the bar
      -start to pull slowly on that hand to move the kite on the opposite way to make the transition jump
      -make a small pop jump just before the kite is up you and take of your board just when you leave the water.
      -put your shoulders on the way you run and let your legs running on the water surface .
      - put you board on just when you feel the kite on the opposite .
      -land in the it way: the same if you do a kiteloop, or the opposite if you do a transition.

      _The barefoot tricks :
      put your 2 legs straight, don’t run, just let your foot touch the water like a barefoot.
      _the jesus style trick with a kiteloop, you land faster and stronger . A bit harder to do .


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