recomondation for newbie on 2008 sle bar safety

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Hi, I have had 3 lessons, a day on my own , body dragging experience.  I want to cement in my mind safety procedures to get ready for the comming season. any suggestions on web sites, youtube or dvd to explore. Id like to survive my first outing this spring. Thank you.  by the way I have a 2008 ocean rodeo 12 meter rise and bar


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I don’t know of any video for this, but the most important thing is to familiarize yourself completely with you gear.
Here’s a good checklist that applies to your gear, check out page 5.

Really pay a lot of attention to how your leash is attached to you harness, for in case you need to let go of the kite completely (like in big surf), to the stopper, and how you can use the stopper to increase your safety, and most of all, how the quick releases work (chickenloop and kite leash).

For the Rise kites it is important to understand how the QR safety works. Ejecting the QR will cause the bar to shoot up the trim line all the way to the pulley, giving maximum depower. The Kite will drop from the sky.
You can try this in light winds on a field (make sure you have plenty of space downwind, at least 75m!) or better in shallow water. shows Ross doing some safety explaining for the new 2010 SLE bar. The basics are still the same as the 2008.
Good luck & ride safe!

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Agree with El Rudo. I always tell beginners to thoroughly practice and test their safety procedures BEFORE you go out. When things get all crazy in the water you don’t want to think about how to pull the chicken loop, etc.

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Never forget to check your safety release before every session.  I always teach my students to build muscle memory throw repetition. The first time you use your safety release should not be in a emergency situation. And never for get no safety system will ever replace staying in control (good kite flying skills) and making good decisions.