wind range for 9m and 10m Rise

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I have a 12m Rise with a 135x43 twin tip board, weight about 218 lbs (98kg) and beginner skill level.
With current gear I can ride between 13mph up to about 24mph. I want a kite that can take me up to 30-35mph.

What would be the high-end wind range for me with a 10m versus the 9m Rise?


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Hi Danny,
For those winds you might want to consider an 8m, I’m about your weight and my 8m gave me loads of fun from the lower 20ties up to where kiting as a whole starts to become pretty hairy - for me way over 40 knots.
See if you can get the 2010, as it’s supposed to have more range - low and high end.
Good luck!