Drysuit for jetskiing

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Ok, before I get a bunch of anti-jetski crap I want you to know this is for my daughter near Lake Courde’lene (sp?). She wants to extend her season and I told her how I kite all winter here in the Gorge with my Pyro Pro and am totally comfortable. Can anyone out there give me some pro’s and con’s for the different drysuits offered by OR for jetskiing? These are the stand up types not the personal watercraft ones. I won’t let her ski near you, I promise!!

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A tighter fitting suit that is less likely to flap in the water would be best, Speak to OR re getting a closeout Pyro Surf!

Should be spot on when worn with boots.


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I jet ski (standup) mostly and I just purchased the Pyro Pro drysuit and used it for the first time on Sunday (3/20).  It is AWESOME !!!  I was riding on Lake Stevens near Everett, WA and the water temp was probably in the low 50’s.  Stayed very warm and it did not “flap”  - if your burp it of excess air and then with your life jacket on it fits nice and snug.  As you know riding stand up jet skis you spend a lot of time in the water and this suit is great.  I’ve used a 4/3 wet suit the last few years and the dry suit is a little easier to put on and off and it’s nice to be dry at the end of the day.  I do need to experiment with the right amount of layers of fleece - my upper body was slightly damp from sweat but my legs were bone dry - warm the entire day.  Hey, take it from a 56 year old guy that plays like he is 18 - this dry suit is great for jet skiing.