Zen 133 in choppy water ??

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Is there anyone at his forum who can tell me how the zen 2010 (133x41) is in choppy water , i am very interested in this board, i am looking for a board with good “pop” but i also want some comfort in choppy water.



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I would say the zen is “average” or slightly “above average” in choppy water. I have ridden a zen for a couple years and have no complaints whatsoever. With that said, the Mako is the board that really excels in choppy water…just cuts through it like butter. Bottom line: the zen is a killer board and I think you will be happy with it.


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Most of my time is on the 2010 zen wide, previous i rode the 2008 129 and zen wide

They are really good boards overall, very stiff so you get excellent pop and no spray in chop but the stiffness will give a harder ride than some thing designed for super choppy conditions like a Mako wide and a slightly harder ride than a board with a lot more flex (you begin to give up the pop).

I love my zen wide in all conditions - waves, chop and butter - it really is remarkably versatile.  I agree with Dave - the boards are great overall and you will get all the pop you want without having run into the beach to change boards if the water gets rough.

Go for it, you will like it.