checking line lenghts 2009 bar

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When checking line lengths should I remove the kook proof connecters, and just use the end of each 4 lines on a single point?




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Top photo is correct.  All lines should be the same length on full power chicken loop against the bar. Well that works for me anyway

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Hmmm…I also assumed you treated the end of the line as the attachment point on the kite, so I would guess the second photo. I usually ride on the second knot so I actually line them up according to that. Agree with the bar being all the way sheeted in (CL against the bar).

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So which attachment point should be used for the outside lines??


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I always use the second knot. (so when it is nuking you can use the first knot instead of depowering.. I never do.)

Top foto is the one.
Set your lines and then look what the kite will do.

I have my steering lines set one knot shorter, feels better (for big boosts grin ) I like my powerpoint with stretched arms (this is better for your elbows i think)