Modifying "Punch Up" bar?

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I’ve been using the “Punch Up” bar far a couple of weeks now with my Waroos, getting it figured out.  I really like the long throw on the chicken loop as I know the kite will completely depower if I “punch up”.  I’ve slowly increased the pressure of the top bar stopper to the point I can ride one handed against the stopper but still easily punch through. 

I’m now seeing that I routinely like to ride with a range that stops about 2 inches below the stopper.  I’m thinking about bring the stopper two inches closer to the chicken loop by shortening the line at the chicken loop.  I know I also have to shorten the outside line connection points and the length between the upper and lower stoppers as well.  I want to do this so I can more frequently have the bar against the stopper so I can give my arms a break.

Has anyone done this and what are the pros and cons?


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The best way to do this is to not bother shortening the trim line but to actually move the “plug” inside the trim line down closer to you!

1) Find a smooth plastic or wood poker, a chop stick works really well!
2) Poke it into the heart of the trim line just below the “plug” that the stopper ball gets jammed onto
3) Work this poker around to make an opening through which you can pull out the “plug” (actually a small length of red spectra line)
4) Smooth out the trim line and make a new opening 1-2” lower (as you see fit) with the chop stick, be careful when pulling the chop stick out not to colapse the opening you made.
5) Carefully feed the red line into the opening and up inside the trim line
6) smooth the trim line out over the line “plug”
7) Loosen the allan key set screw on the upper stopper to allow the orange cable to slide free of the upper stopper
8 ) slide the upper stopper down over the newly re-located line plug
9) tighten the allan key set screw to lock the orange line in place at a new shorter length
10) snip off the excess orange line!

10 simple steps to a shorter throw!

John Z