2008 12m Rise Stalls/Overflies

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I have a 2008 12m Rise.  I really enjoy the kite and it flies well for the most part, however, sometimes I feel that it will stall pretty easily (even with considerable depower) and it will often fly over my head if your sheeting in.  Can I better trim the kite to mitigate these characteristics?  I have checked the line lenghts and the E-2 pulley line and they all look good.  I know there has been an issue with the 2009 elastic straps at the end of the stuts, is there anyway some 2008 Rises could suffer from this same issue?  Has anyone cut the elastic straps on a 2008 Rise?  Results?



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Stalling = to much back line tension
Overflying = to little back line tension.
The 2008 was a little prone to stalling in light winds. The advantage was you could get maximum power just before the stall
Just a little technique required and not leaving the kite above your head (  dangerous anyway)
As with all things the Rise has moved on and the 2010 xpd has these issues well sorted