Mako 130

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I have the Mako 150 wide and thinking maybe the Mako 130 would be a good compliment although at times, I think a twintip would be good also.  I just love my Mako though.  Anyway, anyone have any time on a Mako 130?  Do you get use out of it?  What type of wind ranges do you get?  Other thoughts?



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I use the 150 x 34 as the main board and have been looking for a replacement as the the 150 classic is out of production. The 140 and 150 wides are nice but don’t have the aggressive grip I require. I tried the 130 and this is the board. Not as fast as my 150 but will hold massive power and carves like its on rails. I would say the 130 is a mako with attitude


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Welcome aboard Mighty Kite!

I LOVE the 130. I am 170lbs and ride it in almost all conditions. Obviously light winds it lacks a bit of get up and go but otherwise it is a fantastic board! Pushes a ton of water, smooths choppy waters and is light and small enough to huck around in the air with little resistance!

John Z - OR

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Yeah I’m 185 lbs and want to try one, the 140 is my go to board, with the King being my lightwind board.  I’m not real sure if the 130 would work as my primary board, but it would be nice to try one out in the future.