DIABLO 2009/2010 Difference Between The Two Front Line Attachment Points

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I know the one to the front is marked ‘More De-Power’ and the one behind it marked ‘Less De-Power’ but can anybody who has logged some hours on the two chime in with their opinions / thoughts over the two?

I have sizes 10 and 12. Both on the factory rear setting. Like them set-up this way. Re-launch is good but how much noticable difference is there in de-power / water re-launchability?

Last years ‘Rise’ had two front attachment points and there was a noticable difference between the two in both performance and their spacing (the attachment points on the Diablo are very close together.)

Just thinking about it today due to boredom, injury and wife watching Peter Andre on the TV mad

I’ve not had that much time on the water myself to experiment.

Would be interested to hear any comments before I give it a go?



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