Please help—using a Rise with a front-line safety?

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The cleat on my OR bar disappeared at the beginning of a long (and overpowered) downwinder today, causing it to be on permanent full power.  I talked with Kevin at OR and they will ship me a replacement loop (usual excellent customer service).  However, I am on the east coast of the US and we are at the beginning of a 3-4 day SW blow.

The other bar I have is an Ozone from a Zephyr 17.  It uses a single-line flag out (and unfortunately for the Rises has limited sheeting range).  Does anyone know if there is any inherent safety problem if I flag a Rise to a single line as a safety?  Does it make relaunch impossible?  Create a death spiral?  Temporary use would be on 2010 11m and 2009 8m Rises.  The alternative is to use the 8 instead of the 11 and hope that I don’t need any depower.

Thanks for any insight of experience.



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The OR bar has the facility to flag out on 1 front line. as long as the Zephyr is on the front line no problem Make sure the front line has at least half the span of the kite slack so the kite can spin 90 deg to the wind ( Same as holding by one corner).  Limited range of bar travel is not an issue as long as you respect that you do not have full depower by releasing the bar. Basically the Zephyr is like the rise bar with the stopper deployed . Enjoy


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Andy, Sunrise is right on the mark with his answer - you should not have any issues but your depower will be limited by bar throw on the Ozone bar. There are riders who use the Ocean Rodeo bar on their Ozone kites because of the limited amount of throw offered by the Ozone bar. Personally, I would test the arrangement in light wind so you know how the kite will react if you do need to safety the kite when it’s blowing.


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It will work, but you will have limited depower. If you will release the kite, the safety will work even better, than the safety on both front lines, but there is a great chance, you will not be able to relaunch the kite. It can get dangerous trying to reset the kite released on a one front line in deep water. 3 out of 4 lines are slack floating in the water so they can (and they will) tangle. Usually releasing on one front line means you have to swim back in and reset everything on the beach. But you are alive! : )