Ocean Rodeo Predator Surf Drysuit Success!!

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It has been done! Ocean Rodeo’s Predator Surf Drysuit lures pro rider Jeremie Tronet into cold waters off of Norway!!

July 21, 2010 - Born and raised in the warm confines of the Caribbean, Jeremie Tronet does not like cold water! After years of attempting to have him move out his comfort zone and brave the elements that come along with cold water climates we have finally done it. Now Jeremie can take the warmth of the Caribbean and the freedom of kiting naked with him wherever he goes…maybe even someday the West Coast of North America.

Jeremie recently had the opportunity to test the Predator off the coast of Norway to rave reviews. Jeremie’s ability to kite in comfort with no restrictions to his mobility while remaining warm and dry has made a full convert out of him. In fact, I imagine we may start to see a few photo shoots of him wearing the suit in his usual locales. A Predator Drysuit in Brazil…why not?

Check it out…