Rise or Diablo?


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I am starting to do unhook tricks.  I will change my !2m Rise pretty soon.  What should I buy a Diablo or a Rise, or I should wait for the Razor?
I am 200 lbs.  What Size if I buy the diablo or the Razor? Currently I have a 2009 12m Rise
Most of the time the winds are 15 to20 mph.

Thanks, for the help


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Witito, it all depends if you like the c kites, you can do every trick in the book with a Diablo or with the Rise, now the Diablo will give you better pop and more power if you choose the right size for you. keep in mind that while you learn you will have to do lots of relaunches and if you are not familiar with c kites it will give you a hard time. 14m (Rise or Diablo) should be your next kite based on the wind were you ride.



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