2008 OR SLE bar (40 cm width) lines replacement

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I have a 2008 OR SLE bar (40cm width) with broken lines. I’m currently in Spain and need some replacement lines.

1) Do I need the exact lines for this exact bar? Meaning do year and/or width have to match?
2) How much will they approximately cost?
3) Can someone recommend a good dealer in Spain or close-by in Europe?




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The 4x lines should all be the same length. We ship the kites with 24m lines (21m+3m) but you can fly with as short as 20m lines or as long as 27m (I would recommend 24m for the feeling we engineered into the kite’s performance).

We have a dealer finder on our site that you can consult but I would recommend you get in touch with Alberto from Boardriders in Maliga, he is our Spanish Rep. Alternately you can buy linesets online in our online store, we ship duty free to Europe (but you will need to still pay 19% VAT).



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Thanks for the answer John.

I tried to get in touch with the people at http://www.boardriderscompany.com/ but so far no one responded. Can you please send me the direct e-mail address of Alberto, maybe via PM.

If I would order it through the online store, how much would shipping approximately be?

BTW: what does the +3 in 21+3 mean?