Safety leash correction - Is i tstill safe?

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I’ve got a 12m ONE and I am very satisfied with the kite in general. The one thing i found irritating was, that the safety leash would get tangled up in the other lines. I have solved the problem by attaching the leash to the trim cleat instead. I figured that if i drop the bar/release the chicken loop, the kite will hang by the trim cleat therefore depowering the kite. I haven’t tested the safety of it, so I would like a comment from the manufacture, is it safe?


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Sure is!

The only reason why we ship the kite with the leash off the one front line is because this is the safest way to fly and as such we are (essentially) protecting ourselves from liability issues with alternate leashing methods.

Here’s a list of leash options that you can use. Please note that Ocean Rodeo still recommends the front line leash as shipped but we do have feed back from riders who have been successful in using these methods:

1) Leash off the chicken loop. This is a good way to leash as well and it keeps the leash away from the front lines. However, you need to make sure that before letting go of the bar you have punched the stopper ball up so as to allow the bar to ride all the way up the lines. Not doing so can result in a partially powered kite! I personally ride like this with no stopper ball installed, another good option

2) Leash off the trim strap. This too is a good option but you do run the small chance of the cleat not releasing and the kite remaining powered.

3) Set up a spinning bar and leash off of BOTH front lines just below the pulley. This is properly described in another post by me   here

Also!!! Check out the sticky that I am about to post. ONE kite bridle mod #2!

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