Diablo Trim Issues?

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Recently got a 2010 diablo 12m.  I am using it with a liquid force five line bar, all lines the same length.  It keeps doing this weird stalling thing whenever I’m not moving the kite.  Anytime I’m leaving it at neutral it has a tendency to surge forward and drop out of the sky.  The second it happens there is no saving it, just falls.  No issues when I’m riding or if I keep it moving, but if its stopped for any period of time it keeps happening.  Other people who I have let ride the kite have had the same issue as well.  Is the OR bar set up slightly different from other 5 line bars?  I have tried different trim settings, changing lengths of front and back lines, and it keeps happening regardless.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your input.

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I have a 12m and have not had this happen to me at all. I’m not familiar with the LF bar so can’t advise there but maybe you still need to shorten your back lines a bit more? - it likes to be flown like that.



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Sounds like too much tension in the 5th line.  It’s not meant to be loaded but keeps the kite in shape during hard turns and obviously act as a safety.  If there is no bungee incorporated into the 5th, it should show just a bit of sag.  Some 5 line kites are designed for tension in the 5th and I’m not sure if thats the case with your bar.  With the 5th slack, the kite should be able to handle a good bit of oversheeting without problems. ie. you can see from the rider’s point of view that the wingtips are flared out past parallel.  If the 5th line is the issue you will also notice a big improvement in low end.  The diablo is meant to have a little rear line tension at all times and not flown directly above you.  Do that and it will be well worth it on the water.

Hope that helps