2011 Rise

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...Any reason that the 11m size was skipped in the new 2011 Rise?

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yes indeed, I also wonder it !
I need this size !

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Probably to make room for Rises, Razors and Diablos in their line up?


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Hi Guys.

The 11 was indeed dropped as we have had to prioritize the sizes available in order to ensure adequate stock availability. With the Rise for 2011 we elected to keep in the line up all the smaller sizes of kite as a 1m jump in either direction in these high wind kites makes a big difference. As you move up in size we looked at the possible quivers people could make and elected to allow for some 2m or 3m jumps. This decision was tough to make but basically boiled down to trying to ensure that existing customers could still round their quivers out well with 2011 Rise sizes. As it is now there are options for a number of 2 or 3 kite quivers with the sizes on offer.

Also, if interested, we have remaining 2010 gear on sale with the promo code FALL30 on our online store and with many of our key dealers. 2010 11m Rise kites are still available!

John Z


John A. Zimmerman
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