Correct Kite and Board size for newbie 135lbs?

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Hello Folks,

I convinced my friend to take up Kiteboarding and start out the right way with good OR equipment.  He is 135lbs (61.2kg) and 5’ 5” (1.68m).

What is the right kite model and size for him as well as the right board size, shape, model, etc.?  Average wind here is 14mph to 20mph.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi guys,

I’m the newbie that Danny is talking about.

I’ve been snowboarding for 17 years and would love to find similar feelings on the board. what shape should i take? I don’t really want to have the position with the front leg straight stretched, if you see what i mean.

I’m thinking about buying a Rise this week but we don’t know what size to pick? for now i just want one kite that could be versatile.

Thanks for your inputs !


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For the board, the OR Mako 140 will be great for you.  It has a snowboard feel and will be big enough that it will be nice to learn on for you.

I would definitely recommend the Rise as your first kite.  It was mine too.
But before you get a kite, you need lessons.

YOu will be wasting valuable time without lessons.  The learning process is not only dangerous but will eat away months, when you could be jumping withing a week of lessons.

Please take lessons, and then buy a kite.  For yourself and for the rest of us.


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At your weight I’d say a 10m

Get a board that will be easy to learn on with an understanding that as soon as you really have things wired there are a million options out there.  Mako,Wakestyle, surfboard, wakeskate, skimboard, race, normal twin tip.  They all work, but figuring out which ones are for you is the fun part.  Go with a pretty simple first board option and get the skills down.  Then try em all if you can.

A mid sized mako or twin tip.  Nothing too short, say 135 minimum.

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Thank you guys!

So a 10m Rise (not smaller?) and a Mako 140 could be the right set up for me?

Is there big differences between 2010 gears and 2011, or a newbie like me won’t be able to notice the difference?




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140 is the board Kite 10 m Rise 2010 or 2011 There is no difference in flight. As a Starter to the sport the high depower of the Rise will help you loads but do take the advice of lessons. If only to protect your ass.

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I quote Mako 140x40 is perfect to feel snowboard feeling in water and right size for you

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if you’re looking to save a bit of cash i wouldn’t count out the 2009 rises as well.  they are super nice kites too with a ton of depower.  just a thought…that’s all.  good luck,