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Has anyone else experimented with reverse launch?
Here’s what I’ve been doing with my 12

With the kite leading edge down,
- Pull the left side of the bar towards you with one hand, as if pulling for a fast powered turn.  Keep your left hand on the bar!!!
- With your right hand, reach way forward and grab both rear lines.  Because the bar is tilted, the lines will not be even - this is good!  You don’t want them even!  I usually try to grab around the knots; less likely to slip!

- Pulllllll! with your right hand

If there isn’t enough wind, the kite will sit there.
If there IS enough wind, the kite will lift off the water, and start to rotate.

Once the kite has rotated far enough (eg., past 90 degrees, more like 120)

- Start to let the rear lines out.  Don’t just let go, or the kite will just flop right back down.

And finally, get ready for the BIG PULL as the kite launches straight up the power zone.  Now you see why I kept my left hand on the bar!  With both hands back on the bar, sheet way way out to control the power.

Some notes
- If you pull too much rear line in, then the kite will lose it’s shape and probably flop back down.  So pay attention to the sheeting!
- If the rear lines are even when you grab them, then the kite will reverse launch in a straight line which is not very helpful
- The more the lines are offset, the faster the kite will rotate.
- I use the BIG ! PULL to get back up on my board; Hey, why not? It’s a free launch!
- This is easier if you are in waist deep water;  providing resistance means the kite will be more likely to lift off than if you’re dragging downwind.

Probably not a good idea in overpowered conditions (well duh.)

Using this, I can sometimes get relaunched and back on my board in 10 to 20 seconds.

Anyway, just thought I’d share, and oh yeah,

Jamie S.