Predator size - tall and skinny (195cm/6,5 and 82 kg/161 pound)

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Im considering to buy the new Predator dry suit for kitesurfing waves.

Today i am using a winter wetsuit in size LT and it fits me perfectly (slimfit) and the idea with the predator should be the same, however it seems i need to go upto size XXL to get a predator suit that fits me and then i doubt its still slimfit?

Really appreciate any input from tall guys (or others) outthere, who have experience with chosing size?




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While the Predator (Surf Dry) does cover a wide variety of body shapes and sizes you will find that in your case the 2XL will be too loose, I am sorry. The outer skin does do a great job of containing the extra materials but with your hight and weight I do worry that you will find there is just too much material to deal with.

In the future we likely will come with slimmer fitting cores and skins to accommodate an even wider variety of riders but unfortunately for now we had to target the middle demographic as we pushed to get the product to market.

Please keep us in your cross hairs though, the Surf Dry is doing incredibly well for us so we will be likely to look to expand the line up over time.

John Z

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Hi Jacobb
Have a look at this thread.
I give my size on there and the suit I picked.
I have not tried it in the water yet but found the larger size
much less restrictive. The XL was tight around the shoulders.
I will use it for kiting and surface sports so
maybe the slightly looser fit works better than for purely surfing or swimming.