Pyro Pro for scuba?

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Own a pyro pro that I have used for kiting, but am now getting into scuba as well.  Has anyone had any experience with converting the drysuit for use in scuba by adding inflate/deflate valves? 

Is this even feasible?  Is there anything about the pyro pro that would make it unusable or not suitable for scuba?



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If you dive a surface water sport dry-suit past about 20 feet, you’ll be squeezed by reduced air volume (within your suit). The deeper you go, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Past 30’ you start to get bruises from the pressure.
To deal with this problem, dive specific dry-suit’s are fitted with inflate and exhaust valve’s. Inflate goes to a LP port on you tank, while the exhaust is a push/auto activated unit located on your arm.
As you dive deeper, use the inflate to put air in your suit, this reduces the squeeze. As you go up, the air in your suit will expand, so you must exhaust the air from the exhaust valve, or you’ll rocket to the surface (which can cause embolism/bends/death depending on how deep you’ve been diving).
So, the answer to your question is yes, however you would require professionally installed mods to your suit. You must also take a course in using a dry-suit for diving as the buoyancy control is critical, (uncontrolled accents if you don’t exhaust air our of you suit on the way up )

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I can sell you my old proper drysuit at the cheapest price you’ll ever find, name me a price if you want it… I don’t know what it’s worth… if you find something to show me an example with online I’ll do it for a third of whatever that is

it’s for someone who’s 5 8” - 5’11, size 8-10 feet