2011 Rise Review ???

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I’m in the process of replacing a 13m kite and am considering the ‘11 Rise, specifically 12 & 15. I’m interested in
knowing what anyone who has flown them thinks of their performance. I’d also like to know wether using them with the
Freestyle bar would change they way work….. TIA


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The Rises are great kites… proven design for the past 2 years.  2011 pretty similar to 2010 - better bladder material and the safety rollover bridle system are the main improvements for 2011.  I have only been out on the 8m 2011 Rise thus far but it flies like the 2010’s, which were great.    I believe the 15m has fewer struts than the smaller sizes however to improve light wind performance.  Don’t think you can go wrong with the Rise.

Regarding the bar - the Razor can be flown with either the FreeStyle or FreeRide bar.  My understanding however is that the Rise is designed to be used with the free-RIDE bar.  The freeStyle bar does not have the same amount of throw and depower available, while this works well with the Razor I wouldn’t use it with Rise.


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In-flight characteristics of the 2011 Rise are essentially the same as the 2010 model - there was really no reason to mess with a good thing (the Rise has seen significant changes and refinements since its introduction in 2007)! Rather, we focused on small refinements to its construction, and made real improvements to the 2011 bridle and bars.

The 2011 Rise (and Razor) incorporates the new Roll Over Bridle, which when used in conjunction with either 2011 bar, allows the kite to fully depower on its back in a position for quick and easy relaunch after the rider has ejected or ” safetied ” the kite. The kite offers significantly more depower when safetied than older generations of the kite (though many would argue these had more than enough wink).

With regards to your question on bar use, you can use either the Freestyle (above the bar depower) or Freeride on the Rise, though we ship the Freeride standard unless a specific request has been made for the Freestyle. The Freestyle bar works very well on the Rise and in fact does offer you full depower and plenty of sheeting throw. As such, I would base your decision on which bar to get based solely on your preference for above vs below the bar depower.  The Freestyle bar is definitely more conducive to advanced freestyle, vs the Freeride bar which requires that you be conscious of your stopper position.




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Thanks…..... think I’ll go have a chat with my local OR dealer this weekend

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i have swaped to a razor frestyle bar on my 2010 rise.
it took a bit of getting used to having almost half the throw of the rise bar but by the end of the day i was happy with it. (a lititle bit more throw would be nice though)
you may have to adjust the depower a bit more often to keep the bar in a comfortable position, but i find the above bar depower far easier to adjust on the go so this isnt an issue.

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I have bin riding the Rise 12 for several years now and it is grate kite. The 2010 has really nice lift with l lofty, floating jumps. Just be careful not to sheet out to much as the throw is long and the kite can invert when over flying at zenith. This does not happen on the freestyle bar. But all that throw really helps the Rise feel safe in gusty conditions.

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Just back from waddel. 10m, forgiving waves and duration to get out.

The 2011 Ocean Rodeo Rise kites fly super nice, very forgiving and confidence inspiring and the Freeride bar is very good too, no more accidental punch outs. And I like the new line material.

I can now self land better, than I could before with a new technique.

To self land, I fly the kite slowly to the ground with the wind comming from my back. While the kite is stationary on the wingtip touching the sand, I then slowly walk up the front trimline to the Y and then grab the top front line and give it a good firm tug, the kite sits right down. Actually better than how I used to do it.

P.S. On hwy 1 by Pescadero turnoff it is oneway with a temporary light do to erosion from the Ocean, repairs in progress.