Any reviews on the 12m Razor?

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Anyone riding the 12m Razor and would like to share???


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Ridden the razor 12 a few times and I really, really, really (one more) really like this kite. Good jumps, good bar response and very good smooth even pull throw the terns and when passing throw the window. I though it felt like my old Peter Linn on steroids (much ,much faster). Can’t wait to get into some waves.

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Hi, I’ve been on my 12m Razor ten times now. I’m 6’4” 230 lbs. It’s my go to kite. I’m in pretty good waves most of the time. Don’t jump much so can’t comment on that aspect. What I do know is I’m stoked with this kite. I had 2010 Rises 12m 10m 8m (all sold now) I like the Razor way more for wave riding. More of my opinion posted in Topic Title 2011 Razor.


All I need are some tasy waves, a cool buzz and I’m fine…Jeff Spicoli