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can somebody give me an honest comparison between the OR punch up bar and the TD bar, im trying to decide which to get for my bow kite,

mainly interested in the differnece between the Chicken loops, i would be taking the pullies of the TD bar…


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I?M sorry but I don?t know the turbo Diesel bar but have seen and used the new Linx bar ( May be the same)
The OR and Linx both have the depower cleat on the chicken loop but the Linx is screwed on which is easier to replace than the One?s stitched in cleat.
The Linx chicken loop is a lot bulkier.
Both have a decent emergency release.
The main particle difference is the way the bar is prevented from flying up the depower rope when you let go of the bar.
You will know the One?s punch up
The Linx has a moveable slider which stays put where you leave it so it is easy to set the bar travel on the move. The down side is that in a crash and burn you can only move the bar to the slider where as with the One?s you can Punch up to depower.

The Linx bar certainly looks the neater and you could always leave the slider in the fully depower position if things look scary.

I would say that as usual OR have the safest system but the linx is the neatest.
You pays your money etc