Can I ask the stupid question, as a rook?

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How is the correct way to attach the OR leash to your harness or handle pass connection?  The backwards velcro program has got me all messed up and want to be able to do it right.



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If you doing handle passes then on the rear . Otherwise use the little “d” link on the velcro strap which comes with the bar. This “d” link fits to the spreader bar.
Make sure your leash has a easy to operate release system and you can get at it . The leash should kill the kite but you never know


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Pils! There are no stupid questions!

You should have received 2x leash attachments for your bar.

1 is the “backwards velcro program”, that is designed to be a loop you can pass around your spreader bar in order to attach the leash to the front of your harness, off the spreader bar.

The second is a piece of webbing with our logo on it with a D ring on each end. This is designed to be attached to the back of your harness on the handle pass cable. Simply eject the handle pass cable’s safety release and slide this onto the cable. Reset the safety and then attach the leash to the opposite end of the webbing / Dring set-up.

(The leash also has a safety release tab on it too to ensure you can get away from the kite if you have to. Be sure - somewhat obviously - to have this safety end attached to the D ring and use the clip on the other end to attach to your leash line on your control bar. This ensures you can access the release should you have ejected from the kite and need to also eject from the leash in an emergency).

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Sorry to necro this thread, however:
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the spreader bar leash attachment to nicely attach to the spreader bar… The Velcro loop obviously wraps somehow, but every time I try something it ends up in a weird/awkward position. Is there a picture or video showing how to attach this properly?

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If you are using a Session 2 Harness you may not have noticed that there is velcro on the harness bumper pad which gives you great access the spreader bar.  Makes it super easy when attaching the leash attachment which then fits easily through the slit.



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