NEW VIDEO: Ocean Rodeo Travel series #6: NORWAY -  Featuring the new OR drysuit


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LINK TO WATCH (if u like it, share it):

Back from the warmest part of the globe Linn and I decided to have a stop in Norway to film what would become the new travel series.

Unfortunately I broke my ribs after a couple days and couldn’t kite, so find here a very lifestyle Travel series with very little kiting action but giving you an idea of what the beautiful country of Norway looks like.

See it as a Travel video with some kiteboarding in it instead of expecting a full on kiteboarding movie.

The video also features the new OCEAN RODEO drysuit !!

Jason Dean Beats - Jupiter in June (Feat. Koreea)


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Ouch.  I cracked one of my ribs during the summer, which is bad enough.  I can’t imagine how much worse it is to break them.

Get well soon JT!


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