2011 Wood Core Makos Now In Stock

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Craig -  I agree the board -feels snappier & its a lot better landing from big air than last years board , I do feel that some of the TT features are lost from it to make it more wave/surf orientated board.. , but I want it for the multi purpose weapon it was ...

Has anyone put pads & straps on top of the deck pad before?


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I’m guessing that the straps they provided are lighter so that you don’t trip up on them when you want to switch stance
in mutant mode, its a very good design like this…nothing else out there like it.
Makes more sense than Slingshots track system that puts a 1” tall pan head bolt head above the deck on each side of the strap!

IMO its still a lite’r wind weapon in twin tip mode with your stance evened out over the hull.
I ran it 70% of the time in a twin tip stance with a surf fin in one end that favored my goofy preference
in both lite and heavy winds, it changes how you size your kite, like I would size the kite for the gusts and not the lulls.
If you really want to put to some foot beds on it the only thing I think you would need is some longer screws.
(and the foot bed/staps of course)

Right now its set up in twin tip mode with one of those big surf fins on each side.
I’ve never tried that one before.
All I need now is some wind man!  Yeeeee Haw!

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El Rudo - 28 February 2011 08:46 AM

I’ve ridden the 2011 140x40 a bit now, and I was noticing some more pop too. It appears the wood core has a springy feel to it. It all may be in my fantasy but I believe I feel a tighter tracking board, with a little less torsion and more pop. Faster too I think, it might give you some low end. Plus it releases easier off the water - again, at least in my mind. Maybe some small differences but they are noticeable.  It needs back to back testing to see how big the differences are..

Anybody weighed the new one against the old one? ...lighter?.... heavier? or the same?