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Guys, If you are still wondering if you should buy an OR dry suit or not, stop thinking about it and buy it right away.
As some of you may already know, I am an Anti cold kind of guy.

Today I went on a tiny SUP session. Used the OR surf dry suit .... and loved it, I wasn’t cold. And the only one on the wave as everyone else had gone home because they were to cold.

Check out the pictures on my latest blog update:
(yes the waves were tiny)




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Hey Jeremie! Awesome that you’re toughing out conditions that some of us struggle through all year. I think that the tough-weathered nature of most of us OR riders proves why we have a great kite company and following behind it! I guess I shouldnt say some of us struggle through this all year as here IN Thunder Bay we tend to experience those extrremes in late April throughout May and then again in late September throughout October.

Great Job Promoting the COmpany!

Can’t wait to try out the razor for myself when i order one later this year. gotta sell the old naish code and liquid force havoc first.  .. . anyone interested????? . . . 2008 naish 9m code rating B- - lots of use, great practice kite.  16m liquid force havoc 2008 has two small tiny scrapes on LE. Didnt leak air but reinforced anyways. The LF Havoc gets an A- rating as the sail material feels next to new. Kite has been used approximately 15-20 times while the naish code has been used approximately 30-35 times.


p..s. will be up on ebay this week


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I totally agree!
The new dry cores are soft and comfortable…what a huge difference for long exposures to cold!
Sweet shots dude!