Any plans for a Predator skin with removable hood?

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As much as I’m growing to love my Predator, it’d be great if there was a skin available where you could choose whether or not to attach a hood, e.g. the O’Neill Mutant and similar suits.  Are there any plans to develop something like this?

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I would like to tag on to this question and ask if you’ve thought about integrating socks on to the suit?

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yea, interesting question ...???



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Not sure I want socks.  Too much potential for damage and leakage in the feet and I prefer to just get a new set of boots.  Had an incident last fall where my foot blew right through a brand new boot.  Woulda sucked had that ruined a whole suit.

Boots are like tires.  You chance em more often than you do the whole car.