2011 Mako 140, 150 & 165 Set-up Options Explained


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These instructions should have been included with your new 2011 Mako but if not, here they are for you!

2011 Mako King Set-up Options
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2011 Mako 140 & 150 Set-up Options
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John Z

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Am wondering which way the foot-straps are intended to go.  On the product page for the Mako a 150 is pictured and it seems to me the straps are on the footpads of the bindings backward (ie: I think the tails of the straps should be facing the ends of the board rather than the middle.  We are setting one up for the shop and want to make sure we have it right.  Can you please advise?

Thanks, Flowt


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Towards the center like in the picture. The wide part of the strap is on the big toe side of your feet.

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So does the 2011 mako king *not* have inserts for a grab handle like the 2010 model?


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I mounted footstraps in both twin tip and mutant positions on my new Mako King. I will try this out when conditions allow.



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I also thought that the new 2011 King did not have a grab handle but in fact it does, right over the Warning label cut out on the board. Happy to have it there, to help other retrieve my board and to be styling on my way to the beach.