2010 kites bladder failures

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I have a 2010 Rise that I only used a couple times with no crashes before the leading edge bladder started leaking. I took the bladder out, took it to a swimming pool and it had 6 pinholes throughout the bladder. I bought a new bladder and it’s good now but I just came across a topic on kiteforum: https://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=2368986&p=688663
and they mention that Ocean Rodeo was one of the companies affected by bladders made by poor material in 2010. I am wondering if Ocean Rodeo has confirmed this. I did a quick search on this forum and found that there are others on here that have also had bladder failures very quickly on their 2010 kites. Has anyone had their bladders replaced under warranty?

Edit: Should have looked more carefully. Just noticed a thread about this on the first page: http://oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/2590/

I had contacted Ocean Rodeo and talked to my dealer but neither mentioned that it was a known issue, so can I get a refund for the new bladder that I paid for?



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Rogan, please contact the retailer that you purchased the kite from or call us directly at 888 544 4969. We’ll need the serial # off the kite. We’ll be happy to take care of you but we don’t handle warranty and customer service issues via the forum - that needs direct attention.




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