2010 12m Rise LOW END?

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Hey all, I’m 165lbs and looking for a low wind kite for my conditions which generally are from 7-15 knots typically.  Thus, I’m wondering with a surf/skim board (liquid force kite fish) if I can go upwind if say there is a constant 7-9knots?  Is that just too much.  I have the 12m, but thinking it might not be big enough for what I need cause I had the 2009 10m and that got me up only around say 13-14knots constant, but had a tendency to fall out of the sky in lulls if I had it overhead for a brief sec.


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I think you should not expect to go upwind in 7-9 knots with a 12m2 kite. In steady 10 knots I can go upwind with my Rise 12 from 2008 on a raceboard, but the problem in such low winds is the relaunch if you drop the kite in the water.