Buying a used suit? Choosing neoprene seals? Read this!

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I ended up getting a 2nd hand suit. When it arrived the latex neck seal was torn. Damn you ebay! Still, it seemed to fit otherwise
so after some debate I ordered a neoprene replacement seal.

When the neoprene seal arrived it was too tight at 16”, definately too tight. I had measured my neck but this thing seemed about half an inch too small. The interesting thing is that the neoprene doesn’t stretch like latex. That was a key mistake - go with latex! It may break more, be colder(that was key for my decision) and perhaps less comfortable but at least it’s easier to get it to work at all.

Anyhow, I sent it back and got a 17” back. I tried it out - still very tight! However, with the non smooth side I could get it over my head. Rolled over it fit tight… perhaps a little too tight I thought, not to worry, I don’t want to send another back I thought!

Then it was time to fit the thing to the suit. I didn’t have a traffic cone as suggested in the instructions so I took it to my grandfathers to get another pair of hands and some experience on generally fixing stuff.
Boy did we had trouble. So much trouble in fact, that I ran out of time and had to leave it with him.

I called him up a few weeks later to see if he’s managed to get on with it on his own.

“Devil of a job!” he exclaimed! “I’ve never known anything like it!”
The key thing was not having something to hold it still.

Anyhow, he had a go the next day and brought it to me.

The smooth side of the seal was on the inside… thus I was unable to get it over my head… even using a plastic bag. This was destroying! Especially after the many hours my grandfather had spent on getting that seal right. Then I had an idea - reverse the seal inside out to get it on. With this we managed to get it over my head. Everybody was laughing by now!

I continued donning the suit…

and what did it look like when I got it on?

- over a foot of spare space in the chest!!!... a foot!!
Here’s a pic… what kind of freak has a 120” chest with normal sized legs??!!



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first thing that crossed my mind was that you got the special designed suit for Lola Ferrari .. but I think even for her the suit was to small..