10m or 12m razor to pair with 8m razor?

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Should i go with a 10m or 12m razor?  I already have 8m razor. I weigh 160 and ride mako 150 wide.

The winds here in central Texas are usually either 18-30+ or 12-20+ mph.

I am leaning towards a 12m but am wondering what the top end is for someone my size.



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With those wind ranges i would lean towards the 10, the 12 would be too large I think…

I’m 195 and I fly the 8 in 20MPH and the 10 in 15-16MPH, I don’t even know what I would use the 12 for smile

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I can’t speak about the 12m, but I recently had the 10m Razor on demo and got @ 20hrs. on the water with it.

In 10- 12knots with a bit of current going against me I was having no trouble staying upwind on a 6’3” strapless surfboard.  On the high end, I’ve had the 10m and JT 132cm out on flat water in very gusty wind with the gusts hitting 33/35knots.  The kite handles gusty conditions just fine but it was completely trimmed out and definately not in it’s sweet spot. 

BTW, I’m 185lbs. and an IKO instructor (just to give you some idea of rider level). 

Hope this helps.