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Hi Folks, beacHMountain has a clear out of top ´05 and ´06 gear, look at:
or contact us directly .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for any question.

Bye & Kite Safe!


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Well seems like a good deal for the Mako, but to bad you’re on the other side of the Ocean, I suppose by the time I pay custom and shipping, I’m better off buying in Canada.


Kiting is great can’t wait to retire so I can do it full time.  Bring on the wind.

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I had a magical session today with my 14m diablo, 06’.
That surf setting is incredible! It really makes this kite behave more like a bow than a c-kite. I was out in 20 to 30 and never felt like the kite was anything but rock solid no matter how much I depowered. You can really ride the waves with its set like this, beautiful design!