Which bar 2011?

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Hi everyone,i am going to buy a razor 2011 10 meter,green smile ,i was wondering what bar to choose
I am riding from 2010, so i am not such an advance rider but i want to start unhook tricks.
I am confused because in a youtube video reviewing 2011 freeride bar it seems very difficult to get the bar back to your harness if you push the release system.Because the bar goes 3-4 meters away from you..

i have some questions,
1.The kite has the same windrange with freestyle bar,or the windrange is shorter?
2.If you ride in over conditions does the freestyle bar performes as good as freeride bar?
3.If someone is not very advance rider like me,but want to start doing tricks what bar should choose in order to have progress?


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Hey Ntoutou, welcome to the crew!

After releasing the QR, it’s the bar that should come to you rather then you going towards the bar. Just pull in the leash, restore the chickenloop and haul in the depower line until you can reach for the bar. There’s not a lot of tension on this line as the kite in face down in the water.

In answer to your questions:
1. the freeride bar gives more (as in umlimited) bar throw so yes, more range.
2. Both bars perform evenly well, if your arms support a long throw the freeride is more forgiving
3. For some riders, the above thebar trim allows them trim quicker and easier, if you plan on going unhooked a lot that might be the preference. Anything old school goes with both bars.
Personally I trim the kite only once or twice per session and I’m not very fond of the strap clutter above the bar. Then again, I unhook once per session, after landing the kite…


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I waited for the http://www.oceanrodeo.com/kiting/fusion-bar  ... I’ve had the misfortune of my chicken loop caught over my bar on a gusty nasty day resulting in a body drag through my launch area ... Lesson learned (among others): A mini fifth line is a good thing !!!


Big Wave Dave your one stop weather site for S. Van. Island…


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Go for the freestyle bar if you want to ride unhooked a lot, so much easier.

I did try both bars on a razor and found that for wave, freeride the freeride bar is a good choice, for unhooked riding i still find above the bar depower so much easier.

But…... if you get very gusty winds at your home spot you still might wanna choose the freeride bar.