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I’ve just had an amazing session at Christchurch Harbour, Dorset UK - one of my favourite riding spots. Other folk were looking at me like I was insane pumping up an 8m in what felt like a light breeze. ‘I wanted to test the low end’ I told them - besides ‘I’m only 65 kilos soaking wet’ I added.

It felt good the moment I launched and I was not to be disappointed. My mate pumped up a 9m North Rebel but went back in after 10 minutes for his 12. Two other riders were present and they were riding a 12 Vegas and what looked like a big Naish ‘C’

Below are the stats. from for the time that I was out. Could have stayed out longer but had to finish due to a pre arranged appt. at home. The wind picked up a bit after 17:00. Not a lot but I’d have been lit judging by the power I had during my ride. Look at the statistics printed below:

On the water I didn’t feel the minimums save for one occasion after a botched rotation resulting in some line slack and the kite falling. I think this may also have been a bit of wind shadow caused by a spit of land known as Hengistbury Head (check out Google maps on the ‘Locations’ section of our site) Re-launch was a piece of cake. The kite was just so eager to get back into the air with v. little bar input or rear line pulling.

I’m totally blown away by this size Razor and would’nt hesitate to recommend it to any rider weighing in at my ‘lack of puddings.’ True, sometimes I was just free riding but the power was nearly always there. I was able to boost some pretty impressive jumps on demand and rotations were a breeze. Pretty confident that my riding will improve at a much faster rate now that I am at one with this beaut!

I don’t think I’ll be in any hurry to purchase anything bigger that’s a cert!

I was riding a 2006 Nobile 666 132x40 twintip (but I’m getting a 130 ‘Mini Mako!) Others out there were on similar sized boards.

Next time out I’ll be using my OR SS board to see how that shapes up in the light stuff grin 

  Date       Time   Wind direction   Min   Ave   Max   (in knots)
2011/06/10 16:50.00 196 219 238 3.17 10.30 18.84
2011/06/10 16:40.00 191 220 236 3.09 10.34 18.15
2011/06/10 16:30.00 202 219 234 4.89 11.93 18.05
2011/06/10 16:20.00 186 218 240 2.28 11.05 19.42
2011/06/10 16:10.00 193 219 241 2.64 12.18 20.59
2011/06/10 16:00.00 190 217 235 5.15 11.24 16.35
2011/06/10 15:50.00 197 226 239 3.44 13.25 18.52
2011/06/10 15:40.00 194 224 234 5.48 13.56 17.89
2011/06/10 15:30.00 194 217 236 5.01 10.51 17.88



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I agree.. It has an amazing low end.  I ride my 8m in pretty much all conditions and even down to levels like you have above and when others are on kites almost double the size.
Lovin it!!!


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