Help with Replacement Trim Line

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Ok, I had the trim line completely installed with no issues in 30 min until I realized that the stopper bar was on the wrong side of the bar, yeah don’t ask. So, as I’m pulling everything out and trying to go back through, the extended piece of fabric or tape or whatever that comes on the replacement line comes off. I think it’s no issue, I’ll just use some sail tape and go the rest of the way, well I have been fighting this thing to get it through the last part of the chicken loop (through it into the cleat) for hours, any ideas?

I’ve tried putting sail tape on the end and extending it, but every time I go to to grab that piece with needle nose pliers it either breaks off, or will not budge. I tested to make sure the rope is the same size, even though the replacement is for a 2008 Rise, but this is a 2010 Rise. It appears to be the same diameter, etc.

Any ideas?


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if it’s the 2010 CL you can carefully ream the hole with a 7mm drill bit. You might want to put the drill bit in a vice an work the hole over it. After that, the ropes run better through the channels.
Other than that, I find myself using a piece of steel wire which I fold double and push the loop into the hole. The tape goes around th loop and voila pull back the wire.
Another great idea is to have an ice cold beer handy for inspiration.