Mako Pro 134 vs.

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I curently ride a 2006 Jaime Pro XL (132 x 42), I weight 185 lbs and ride in winds ranging from 15 km/h to 65 km/h.  The Jaime XL works very well even in the nuking winds in big chop (I think because of the flex tips), its a very smooth board compared to my 2004 Jaime Pro L (128 x 37.5)

I have never ridden a board with concave but I am wondering how the bottom end wil compare to my Jaime XL?  I imagine it will be a stiffer board with less light wind performance, but the website states the concave reduces the need for a large board width???

What size of board would it compare to with no concave?


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I can not make a good comparison but I can tell you that the Mako 134 is 38 wide. However, it has 18mm of concave and so, as a result, if you were to lay the bottom flat it would be close to a 40 wide board.

The 134 is great in light wind, awesome for upwind action, laying carves, hitting the lip, speed runs…it is generally a great all round board. The only limitation is the flex is rather stiff due to the concave, but this does produce a lot of pop!

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