2012 demo Mako King and Mako 150 in Madison, WI

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Hi everyone,

I don’t post much on this forum, but I finally took a Mako King 2011 board for a quick spin recently.  For years and years, I’ve resisted trying one of these boards.  I heard all the stoke, etc., etc., but they just didn’t seem to fit my riding style even though I’m a dealer of many different boards, kites, etc..  So a friend bought a new 2011 Mako King recently and I took it out in marginal lake conditions and noticed it’s potential right away.  Due to the short ride and new construction for these boards, it was time to take the plunge. 

This is not a review post at least not yet, but to let others know that if you are in the Midwest area (WI, MN, IOWA, ILL, MI, IN) and want to take a new 2012 Mako King or Mako 150 for a spin, let me know.  I just ordered both and I’m based in Madison, WI. 

I do not have the gear listed on my web site yet until after I get a chance to ride them and decide to stock or offer them. 

Good winds,