Time for a change!

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I have the mako luv for some time!
I have a mako 134 pro from 2007.
Still its in excellent shape.
Love the board to death!!!!i ve had so many different boards and brands an from a quiver of 4 boards i always reach for my orange mako pro.
the thing is i find it laks pop. but this board is not for poping!
Well i want to buy a new mako:).
do i go for the grom or the 140x40
Im 150 pounds and normally ride 18 to 30 knot winds.
How poppy is the new mako line compared to the old ones?
Can someone help me out?


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Greetings Pedro!

I think the new Makos are definitely ‘poppier’ than the old ones, however they are obviously not on the same level for pop as a freestyle board like the JT Pro. I personally rode a Grom 130*35 this summer, and then promptly bought one fairly soon after that! Personally I ride winds similar to yours, and am about 135 lbs, so not too different.

I find the 130*35 to be fantastic. I had an original 2007 150*34 ‘Classic’ that I really liked, but at my size it was just a bit big, especially in the air and through fast turns. I find with its smaller size I can really drive it into a pop hard, and it seems to work surprisingly well for its shape.

I have limited experience with the 140, but for me it still felt a bit big. I think it would be a great freeride board for someone a little heavier than us (maybe around 180+) but I just couldn’t drive it as hard as the 130.

My 2 cents would be to go for the Grom if you want to maintain that carvy feel of your Mako Pro and gain some pop. If you want to really get into the freestyle, then you’ll probably want a dedicated freestyle board.

Hope that helps!



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If you want a fast board with pop, look no further then the JT pro.  I weigh about 200lbs and ride the larger 138cm board and have been happy with its pop in conditions ranging from marginal, 15mph or less, to nuking winds 35+.  I primarily ride wakestyle and pop is key when your not using the kite for lift. 

i still find the board good for jumping and freestyle.  In nuking conditions when i’m boosting or looping it holds down a lot of power for the size of the board and with less grip then some.  It has just the right amount of fin too.  I don’t like boards with tons of grip as I find it makes landings a bit harder.

The 130 mako will hold down more power then the larger ones and is super quick.  If your trying to go big, going out lit on this board will net you some sick air.  If your thinking about upgrading to a new one all I can say is a beat the s*&t out of my boards and they held together great.


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