Wind range & light wind kite suggestion for 215 lb fatty with mako king

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i love my 2010 10m rise and mako kin.  perfect for typical squamish days.  What I am looking for is the low end light wind kite for cruising when the wind sucks ie Jericho 8-10 knots OR last years trip to Hawaii where there was no real wind to speak of.

I get that this wont be a tear it up sick experience, but im fat and old and i just like planing on my king when the alternative is sitting on the beach.

The alternatives
* keep my 2006 16m waroo and only get started when it’s over 13knots
* buy a flysurfer and hope it water relaunches like ive seen other do…
* go with a 15 or 17.5m OR flite?

What is the likely wind range for me (215lb intermediate rider on a mako king) for each of the 15 and 17.5m flites?


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Ultimate bottom end is the flysurfer raceboard combination, which is megga money. I use the flysurfer king combi at 8 to 10mph but only mowing the grass. Another option would be the OR skim board at least the light wind would then be a challange and keep the interest up

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Thank you.  What does everyone think of the comparison of flysurfer to a large light wind kite?  Seems clear that flysurfer offers more low end but how much?  Another way to look at it would be, what is the anticipated low end of the new flite?

Also, what is the contrast of race board to surf board?  Again, race board seems best but by how much?  Surf board might offer more other options.

All insight is appreciated.  Thank you.

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I’ve got the 15m arriving today and the 17.5m on order arriving sometime in October.  The Mako king is on order too.

I also own the Flysurfer Speed 2 15m and 19m kites.  The FS 19m with a Spleene door 159cm (lightwind twin tip) lets me (at 185lbs.) get out and ride and stay upwind in 8 knots. In 10knots I can switch to a smaller board.  A large surfboard (6’3”) has less lowend than the door by at least a few knots.  The low end on the FS Speed 2’s is very impressive, BUT .... only really enjoyable to ride in very smooth consistent wind.  Basically, seabreeze only.  I have no experience on a raceboard, so no comment on that.

I’ll let you know how the new gear works out once I get some time on it.

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I can’t speak for the other suggestions, but the 17.5m flys niceley indeed. Got to use one last week at a demo day in Cornwall, UK.

I guess I’m around 185-190lbs at the moment and was using a 6’ surfboard with it. I reckon that and a king would have you going in pretty lite winds. There was a much bigger guy there, probably around your size, ripping it up and jumping with it when the wind got up a bit, tough at most it only eve got to about 20 mph. As for turning etc, one of the guys was looping it in about 15-16mph of wind, so it isn’t too slow!


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