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Dimitry, “the russian engineer”, snapped these pics of the Seattle rodeo clown in action saturday off meadow point,also known as golden gardens. Winds were 16 to 18, out of the north, and really steady today, a rarity this time of year. (forcast winds were 10 and under)
I’m flying the 21m diablo with the front lines on the mid pig, and longest knots for low end, and boost power. ( I ended up pulling the de-power strap in 80 to 100%, so I think I could have choked up on the front lines a little.) This board handled the conditions beautifully, and edged an extra amount of control over the kite to make it fun and allow you to follow a triangular course rather than just mowing the lawn. It looks too narrow, but that concave thing, once you are at speed, creates a “pressure” on the hull that makes the ride super stable and smooth.
You end getting some smooth and long rides. :twisted:


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Thanks for the pics and the review Craig!!!  Looks like you had a blast!  Can’t wait until I get my Mako hopefully in the next few days!!! :twisted: