razor 2012 2011 and cypher bar pressure

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Hi crew
can anyone tell me how is the bar pressure in the new models ,i have a razor 2011 and a fussion bar,i am thinking of buying the new model 10 meter or the cypher,i like very much the razor but i want lighter bar.i read that the bar is heavy , i know that this is happening because the kite fly in back lines which are direct connected to the bar ,the kites that fly in front lines have lighter bar is that right?
,how can i make the bar lighter without lossing the performanse,

razor or cypher ?

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Hi there ntountou, I have been lucky enough to spend some good time on both the 9m Cypher and the 10m Razor. It depends what riding style you are after, both the 2012 models have a lot less bar pressure in my opinion. Also i have found with both kites there is a lot less back stall than the 2011 models, the Razor is a great kite, it works for everything, its unhooked performance is great and provides great pop for freestyle moves. Dom Moore, the European Manager will be able to give you alot better idea of how these kites work in the waves, but what I personally have seen and heard from Dom, the Razor is his kite of choice, with its wind range, stability, and all round great range.
Myself I am a freestyle rider, and find it hard to choose between the 2 kites, the Cypher is aimed for at the wakestyle side of the sport, but i think the Razor matches the Cypher for unhooked ability, and the Razor deffinitely takes the lead when it comes to big kiteloops! Although the Cypher does the job!

Both have light bar pressure but there won’t be a moment when you don’t know where the kite is or what it’s up to!
My best advice, get hold of your local dealer and get yourself on both of these kites and see what you think for yourself!
But beware I’m sure you’ll love them both, so be prepared for a tough decision!


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I’ll second the lighter bar pressure and stability on the 2012 Razor. I’m going to write up a full review later, but after a good 4 hr session on a 12m Razor today, I can definitely stay that the bar pressure is lighter and the kite is extremely stable in the air. I practiced some unhooked stuff, and the 2012 is better in this area than the 2011, although I haven’t ventured into a lot of unhooked yet. Mostly freeride/surf, oh and I rode with the Fusion Bar.

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Agreed. I wouldn’t say the bar pressure on the 2012 Razor is high at all. Quite the opposite in fact. You feel it such that you know where the kite is.  I think that bar selection is critical on the Razor.


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