Cypher 12 m feedback

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Anyone out there have any feedback on the new 12 m Cypher? How does it compare to the Razor and Rise 12 m?

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Same question for the 10m.



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I have and use a 2012 10m Rise and 10m Cypher, I have only flown a 2011 Razor One time.  I like all the Ocean Rodeo Kites, see below and pick your style.


Higher bar pressure, and sits deepest in the window. Very stable, with a much more constant powerband. Not sensitive to bar/trim inputs like the other kites. It also flies much slower through the window and tends to ” hang in place “. Hands down the best kite for unhooked riding, and ” park the kite and forget about it ” wave riding. This kite has a much ” softer ” feel than the Rise/Razor.


Moderate bar pressure, very direct feedback, very fast through the window. Explosive power - a super fun kite to ride really lit up. Sits further forward in the window than the Cypher, but further back than the Rise.


Light bar pressure, massive range and stability when overpowered. Flies forward in the window and smokes upwind. The best kite for one/two kite quivers.

All of these kites will work for all disciplines, but some are more suited to certain things than others, so choose your weapon based on your own riding style/preferences, and on what you are doing with the kite most of the time.